Message from Managing director                                                                                                                            



  Sa-Was-Dee-Krub (Hello)

  My name is Sadamu Sakamoto from AFT (AICHI FORGE THAILAND).

  Our company began the manufacture and sale of hot forgings for automotive at

  Amata Nakorn industrial estate as Asia hub for Aichi Steel Group in July 2003.

  We then moved to Pinthong industrial estate in December 2011.

  We are now expanding local production from 1600 tons of manual press to 4500 tons of automatic press,

  with 5 lines of equipment.

  In addition, we have built a strong supply chain within our production group of Japan, China, Philippines and

  Indonesia, to serve as the delivery system to satisfy our customers.


  Our company was founded in the spirit of "Good Car from Good Steel" to be our inherited DNA.

  We provide important safety components to support the basic performance of the "stop-turn-run" of the

  automobile.  They are an automotive industrial cluster which is called "Detroit of Asia",

  With the power of our young staff, motivation and high technology combined with the know-how

   transferred from Japan,

  we will continue to provide the quality, cost, and delivery for our customers

  with production bases here.


  As our current company vision is to be "Company of Choice Globally", we will deliver on our mission to be

  "The world's safest, cleanest forging factory delivering quality products to customers with low cost".

  From this start of the AEC in Asian, we will continue to expand our company into this huge market.


  In the future, not just in Thailand or Asian, we will aim to be the No. 1 forging factory in the world. 

  We, as a company, look forward to your good guidance and support.

  Kop-Koon-Krab (Thank You)




        MANAGING DIRECTOR       

Mr.Sadamu  Sakamoto